Constantly Rise of Electricity Price and Tendency to Increase Continuously

Implement advanced technology to manage municipal waste and convert into alternative fuel in order to minimize the use of fossil fuel and maximizing the benefit from the by-product of waste without disposing any residual

Petrol & Gas Station

TPIPP operates the total of 12 Petrol & Gas Stations

Waste with economic value can be reused

“Zero Waste Plan” aims to fully utilize all the resources used in the production process, thereby increasing the company’s operational efficiency while reducing any potential environmental impact

Mr. Prachai Leophairatana

Chairman of the Board
TPI Polene Power Public Company Limited

Dear Shareholders,

In 2018, the Company made progress in implementing investment projects for future growth and an increase in competitive advantages for future competition with a continuous commitment to social responsibilities, environmental
preservation, innovations, and good corporate governance.

Continuous Performance Growth in year 2018

In 2018 total revenue from sales of power and goods and revenue from adder were Baht 7,620 million, compared with Baht 4,865 million in 2017, an increase of 56.63%, due to the increase of units of power sales in 2018. Total income in 2018 was Baht 7,915 million compared with Baht 5,188 million in 2017, an increase of 52.57%. In 2018, the Company registered a profit for the year of Baht 3,699 compared with Baht 2,592 million in 2017, an increase of 42.73%, reflecting higher profitability and net profit growth.

Total installed electricity capacity of 440 MW Power Plants

On August 18, 2018, a power plant of installed capacity of 70 MW (TG7) (approved production capacity of 40 MW) became commercially operated. On January 25, 2019 a coal-fired power plant of 150 MW installed capacity (TG8) started commercial operations. Currently, the Company has commercially-run power plants with a combined capacity of 440 MW, comprising waste-heat recovery power plants with total installed capacity of 40 MW, RDF-fired power plants with total installed capacity of 180 MW, and coal-fired power plants of 220 MW installed capacity (under an approved power generation capacity of 190 MW).

Continuous increase in production efficiency

The company aims to continuously increase high levels of power plant utilization rates - therefore, it installed two additional Grate Boiler steamers and three additional boilers were installed which resulted in increased steam production capacity.
The Company is aware that technological development and innovation to support and increase efficiency in waste-to-energy power plant are crucial and necessary for business operations. Thus, the Company encourages research and development and applying technology in order to reduce the cost of electricity generation from waste.

Readiness for long-term sustainable business growth

The company emphasizes business growth through the Company’s expertise by focusing on the use of waste heat and waste as the main fuel in electric power production which is consistent with the power development plan of Thailand.
The government sector has designated this as an important agenda for solving waste problems by using waste as a fuel to produce electricity. In addition, the company has a policy to seek new business opportunities by participating in the auction of waste disposal projects for the Electrical Power Generating Plants of the government sector in order to continuously expand from the existing power generation and distribution business.
In addition, the Company is aware of the clear role of corporate social responsibility for the company while balancing excellent business operations achievement, good corporate governance, and care for society both in the industrial and agricultural sectors, the community, and environment.

On behalf of the Company, the company’s Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank all related parties for their ongoing support and trust in the Company to create continuous progress for the organization and to motivate the management team and all levels of the Company’s staff to overcome obstacles to achieve the goal of building stability of the organization, enhancing the economic strength of the country, supporting public well-being and consistently protecting the surrounding environment to further enhance the sustainable growth of the country.

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