On September 27, 2017 TPI Polene Power Plc. was awarded the first runner-up ASEAN Energy Award 2017 for the Renewable Energy Project in the “On-grid” -Grid category from the 60MW Power Plant from refused-derived fuel (RDF). The ASEAN Energy Business Form 2017 was held at Conrad Hotel in Manila, the Philippines.

On September 19, 2017, TPI Polene Power Plc. received the certificate for reduced carbon dioxide gas from the processing of Refused-derived Fuel (RDF) plant from municipal solid waste under the project “Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program: T-VER” from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (“TGO”) on September 20,2017 at “Roiduangjai Ruamjialodlokron 2007” event, which was held to honor the good work and the Thai organizations from governmental and private sectors, local administrative organizations, and public sector for their administrative management and activities to effectively reduce the green gas emission. TPI Polene Power participated in reducing green gas emissions, which mitigated the impact to the environment and drove Thailand toward low-carbon economy and society.

On August17, 2017 TPI Polene Power Plc. won a CSR-DIW Award 2017, in the category of “Standards for Corporate Social responsibility”, from the Department of Industrial works, Ministry of Industry, as a corporation which focused on the importance of “Corporate Social Responsibility” to consistently preserve society while creating sustainable public well-being in surrounding communities.

On August 21, 2017 TPI Polene Power Plc. received a “Thailand Energy Award 2017”, the outstanding performance reward in the category of On-Grid Renewable Project for the Power generation of 60MW from Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) Project from the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency under the Ministry of Energy. This award was to honor and admire those who have outstanding performance for energy conservation and alternative energy development, and to exemplify and encourage the energy conservation in larger scale.

In 2009, WHPP-40MW was recognized as a “Crown Standard” CDM project by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization, a recognition given to energy projects that contribute to the development of environmental and social sustainability. The Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization is an autonomous governmental organization that promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in Thailand.

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