Management Team

The Management (as the definition of the Management of the announcement of S.E.C. of Kor. Jor. 17/2551 Re: the definition of the announcement of the issuing and the offering of the stock (including additional revision)

The Management team is comprised of 7 members as follows.

No. Name Position
1. Mr. Pakorn Leopairut**


2. Mr. Pakkapol Leopairut**

Executive Vice President - Accounting and Finance

3. Mr. Worawit Lerdbussarakam **

Vice President - Production

4. Mrs. Sirirat Lerthirunrat

Assistant Vice President - Petrol and Gas

5. Mr. Somkiat Teeratakulpisal

Assistant Vice President - Production

6. Miss Karuna Permsiripan

Manager - Accounting

7. Miss Weerawan Larpchaiwut

Manager - Finance

Remarks :

The Management means the President or the following four executive managements from the President, all equal positions as the fourth executive management and includes executive persons in charge of Accounting or Finance who are at least Department Manager or equal position and higher.

** was appointed the Management of the Company on February 16, 2016.