Management Team

The Management team is comprised of 8 members as follows.





Mr. Pakorn Leopairut



Mr. Pakkapol Leopairut

Executive Vice President - Accounting and Finance


Dr. Porakrit Leophairatana

Executive Vice President - Production


Mr. Worawit Lerdbussarakam

Senior Vice President - Production


Mrs. Sirirat Lerthirunrat

Assistant Vice President - Petrol and Gas


Mr. Somkiat Teeratakulpisal

Assistant Vice President - Production


Miss Karuna Permsiripan

Manager - Accounting


Miss Weerawan Larpchaiwut

Manager - Finance


Functions and Responsibilities of the President


  1. To carry out activities prudently; to be in compliance with the objectives of the Articles of Association; and to be in line with establishing policy as approved by the Board of Directors of the Company, in order to protect the Company’s interests and for the benefit of shareholders.
  2. 2. To monitor and manage daily operational results of each department to ensure these are carried out effectively and efficiently.
  3. 3. To assign, nominate, remove and punish employees and staff of the Company to

comply with Company discipline. 

  1. 4. To report work progress to be in line with work plans and budgets as approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. 5. Have the power to issue orders, regulations, announcements, records to ensure compliance with the Company's policies and interests and to maintain work discipline within the organization.
  3. 6. To have the power to delegate the authirities and/or assign another person to perform a specific task instead by delegating such subsidies and/or assignments to be subject to the scope of power of attorney and/or in accordance with the regulations. The terms, as well as the table of authority table specified by the Board of Directors, or the orders set by the Board of Directors and/or the Company.
  4. 7. The Company has designated the Board of Directors to authorize the approval and amendment of the plan. Annual budget, investment plan, one-time investment expenses, as well as the Company's management and sales expense budget The Chief Executive Officer and/or President and/or Senior Executive Vice President has the authority to approve investments from approved investment statements. Requesting expenses, determining or changing marketing plans and annual marketing budgets in accordance with an approved budget without limits, including: The Chief Executive Officer and/or The President and/or Senior Executive Vice President have the authority to approve advertising, promotions and marketing activities, both in accordance with the plan and not within the plan within the limits approved by the Board of Directors.

In addition, the Board of Directors has authorized the management of the Company to the Chief Executive Officer and the President with the following principles and jurisdictions as follows:-

  1. 1. To be authorized to manage the Company's business in accordance with the objectives, regulations, policies, regulations, requirements, orders, as well as resolutions of the Board of Directors meeting and/or the resolutions of the Shareholders' Meeting of the Company in all respects.
  2. 2. Be an authorized person Contact, order and process and sign legal agreements, contracts, order documents, notices or any necessary and appropriate notices in order to complete the above actions.

The use of the powers of the aforementioned CEO and President cannot be done if the Chief Executive Officer and President have a stake or may have any conflict of interest with the Company.



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