Roles of the Chairman


Roles and Responsibilities of the Chairman of the Board of Directors


To ensure the separation of authority in terms of policymaking and management of the Company is clearly separate. Therefore, the Company requires the Chairman of the Board of Director, the Chairman of the Executive Board and the President are different persons, with the Chairman of the Board of Directors has role and responsibities as follows:-

  1. 1. Call the Board of Directors' Meeting and act as the Chairman of the Board of Directors' meeting and the Shareholders' Meeting, as well as play a role in setting the agenda with the Chief Executive.
  2. 2. Play a role in controlling meetings effectively in accordance with rules and regulations of the Company, support and allow directors to express their opinions independently.
  3. 3. Support and encourage the Board of Directors to perform duties to the best of ability in accordance with the scope of authority, duties, responsibilities under good corporate governance principles.
  4. 4. Monitor and follow up the administration of the Board of Directors and other sub-committees to achieve the intended objectives.
  5. 5. Being the decisive voter in the event that the Board of Directors' meeting has the vote and votes on both sides are equal.



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